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Quality Management Resources

Software Engineering Institute -This is the official website of the home of Capability Maturity Model and related standards (CMM,CMMI,P-CMM, SA-CMM etc), hosted by Carnegie Mellon University. This site sports a very rich library. Most of the standards, reports and other documents are available for free download.

Software Engineering Information Repository - This is a community based website of Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University. You need to register to access its resources. Registration is free.

INTRo - This resource is sponsored by SEI. INTRo stands for IDEAL based New Technology Rollout. IDEAL stands for Initiating, Diagnosing, Establishing, Acting and Learning. It is a technology selection and deployment tool, designed in collaboration by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and Computer Associates. INTRo is being made freely accessible to all interested parties. Registration is required to access. Registration is cookie based. Separate registration is needed for each computer and is free. Forget all the jorgon and plunge in. It is very practical and useful resource.

ISO  - Official website of International Organization for Standardization. There are some nice atricles about ISO standards. If you want to lay hands on the standards themselves, you have to buy them. It may be cheaper to buy the standards from your country's standards organization.

Praxiom - The best website I came across explaining a number of quality management standards in very simple and easy to understand language. I am still looking for a better resource without success.

IEEE Computer Society - Most of the resources are available only to members. For many of the important resources you will have to subscribe/buy separately, which costs a fortune. They are the publishers of Software Engineering Standards. Many quality auditors insist on compliance to these standards. I find that these standards mostly consist of forms, templates and guides. None of the international standards mandate use of these forms and templates. Subscribe / buy these if you must.

Software Technology Support Center - This web site is hosted by US air force. Famous monthly journal Crosstalk is published by them. It is available on-line. You can download all the back issues also. This web website was inaccessible outside US for a long time after 9/11 disaster. Now it is accessible freely.

CERT - is a centre of Internet security expertise, located at the Software Engineering Institute, a US government funded research and development centre operated by Carnegie Mellon University.

NIST Computer Security Division -  NIST stands for National Institute of Standards and Technology, a US government organization.