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The articles, white papers and presentations below are authored and copyrighted by me (Upendran KR). You are free to download and distribute them as long as no modifications are made and due credit is given to me.

Management of Quality or Quality of management?
- What are you trying to manage? What is Quality? [PDF]

IT enabling small and medium enterprises - Challenges and Solution - This is a small write up that attempts to highlight one key aspect - Requirements Management. I do not claim that this is the only problem. In fact I have not given any solution either. I have attempted to highlight the importance of the problem and point to a possible solution path. [PDF]

Software Acquisition Capability Maturity - What is Software Acquisition? Does it require any capability? What are maturity levels of this capability? While CMM & CMMI are widely talked about not many realise the need for Software Acquisition skills. Read on. [PDF]

* Appropriate or State of the Art solution? - A case study - What kind of solution does an end user really need? A real life case study shows how an organization could grow in terms of size and profitability by adopting correct approach.

* Requirements Elucidation - Stated and Implied needs - The art of Requirements Elucidation. What you hear may not be what you need.

* Forthcoming articles

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